Olive Wood “Grand Mother” Large Spoon


Olivewood “Grandmother” Large Spoon
A useful "way back then" serving spoon, like the kind that grandmother used, handmade from olivewood. All our kitchen utensils are carved from olivewood grown in the Judean hills. The artisans who fashion them are heirs to this ancient and precious craft tradition.
We cannot guarantee that the article you receive will be identical to any other such article or to the photograph that appears on our website. The handmade work of the craftsmen of Bethlehem and the unique whorls and grain of each piece of olive wood, from which these items are carved, are different and unique.
We do guarantee however, that yours will be beautiful, and that the beauty of articles made of olivewood improves with age.

Size – approximately 31 X 8 cm.

"Personally, I don't know why, but when I serve my salad in utensils made of olivewood, it seems that it tastes different, and I enjoy the special flavor, as if I'm eating in Grandma's kitchen."