Golden Naora


Syrian Textile Pillow Cases.

Since antiquity Syria has been known as an important center for textile production. From the sixth century onward Syria and Lebanon had become silk producing areas, using leaves from locally gown mulberry trees to feed the silkworms. Jerusalem Fever Boutique is pleased to offer a variety of luxurious pillow cases, made in Syria, and despite the great political difficulties, imported to Jerusalem. Each of these has its own sumptuous classic design and rich color pattern.
The pillow cases are made of 100% natural silk and cotton fabric and come in various sizes (shown in attached photo). In addition it is possible to order special sizes.

"Personally, I think it's prettiest to mix pillows of different colors and textures. I haven't found these fabrics anywhere but in the old city of Jerusalem."
"Every time I go into Maher's fabric shop I go crazy about all the colors there, about the luxurious feel of the silk and about the stunning designs. Maher patiently lays out textile after textile. He's not in a hurry, it's important for him to show them to me. He seems very proud when I become excited by their beauty, and just like his father who was here before him, I can't stop him from showing me all the fabrics. And the finest ones he saves for the last, like a treasure." Yael

Fine cotton combaz pilow - Vintage
simplicity rich

Pure cotton. 100%
Size 40x40 cm and others size.