Ezuz Organic Olive Oil

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A small desert olive grove, remote and lovingly tended – this is the source of Ezuz Olive Oil. The olive trees here were planted in the heart of an ancient Nabatean agricultural region, watered by an antique well.

This is organic olive oil whose acidity does not exceed 0.5%, preserving its health giving components. We are proud to bring you our oil from the limited number of bottles that the grove produces. The bottles of various amounts are made of dark glass that preserve the oil from the rays of the sun, and in quantities of 2 liters or more the oil is packed in tinted metal containers.

“Negev Nectars olive oils have a freshness and lightness which makes them ideal for a variety of applications in our kitchen. They have a true olive flavor that genuinely reflects the taste of the land and the sun where they are grown.

”- Philip McGrath, Chef/Owner of the Iron Horse Grill, Pleasantville, NY