Comfort Cross


Comfort Cross
This is a small olive wood cross that fits comfortably into the palm of the hand. Its fragrance is pleasant and its touch is smooth. It can serve as a good luck charm for traveling, a permanent companion in your bag or a special present for a person whose wellbeing you care about.
We at Jerusalem Fever Boutique especially love olivewood, from which most of our wood products are fashioned. It is a wood with a special fragrance and a pleasant feel, and the area in which it is grown, in the Jerusalem and Hebron hills, has special significance.
We cannot guarantee that the article you receive will be identical to any other such article or to the photograph that appears on our website. The handmade work of the craftsmen of Bethlehem and the unique whorls and grain of each piece of olive wood, from which these items are carved, are different and unique. We do guarantee however, that yours will be beautiful, and that the beauty of articles made of olivewood improves with age.

"Personally, unlike our olivewood hearts, crosses can be bought everywhere in the old city of Jerusalem. But we choose our crosses one by one, so that each one will be especially attractive and will be pleasant to hold."