Biblical Sandals 09


Here is the pair of sandals you've always dreamed of. Simple, comfortable and beyond all fashion trends. Today nicknamed "Biblical sandals", this is the kind of foot ware that the women of Massada, Jerusalem and Bethlehem wore over 16 centuries ago. They obviously knew why. (Styles like these have been found in archaeological digs. This is genuine Bible fashion!) These are sandals made from the finest quality leather in a small family factory in south Jerusalem. They are comfortable for walking, long lasting and stylish.
We offer a wide variety of these sandals, for men, women and children. They are available in natural leather color or in black -- color should be specified when ordering. And even if you need size 56, the folks at the factory can accommodate you too.

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"Personally, these sandals have kept me company for years.
Sometimes, at the beginning of the season I buy a new pair; but it's difficult for me to part with the old ones, because they just seem to get better with time."